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Unattended DSLR cameras, tripods and light tools are all subject to theft when a light-painter walks away to work. This is especially true when a light-painting requires working long distances from these valuables which reside in the shadows. One way to ensure the safety of your gear is to invite a friend to watch over it while you work. But sometimes an impromptu night of light-painting leaves this challenge to yourself. What you need is a babysitter for your gear. Enter the LIGHT-PAINTER’S ANTI-THEFT ALARM.


•  Two means of communicating a tripped alarm    (bright strobe light and a loud mad blaster horn).

•  A central hub for cable locking all valuables    (keeps everything secure using steel cables and padlocks).

•  Omni-directional mercury tip-over switch    (senses when the alarm is disturbed, and activates the alarm).

•  Requires a key to arm and disarm the alarm    (meaning the alarm can only be disarmed by you, not a thief).

 Not fearing for your unattended equipment means an ability to focus completely on the light-painting at hand.

 External auxiliary input jack for additional sensors    (such as a camera lift-off switch mounted on your tripod).

 Tough enough to withstand a stomping boot    (once the alarm is tripped, a thief will do their best to shut this thing off).

This alarm is perfect for those working with time-lapse gear as well. Feel free to take a walk while your camera clicks away.

 Need to make multiple trips to haul all of your gear to a remote location? Lock everything to the alarm and go get the rest of your gear with peace of mind that everything will still be there when you return.

 Adjustable volume control    (Light-painting in a non-residential area? Set it to full volume. Light-painting in town? Set it to a lower volume where the alarm is still effective and the neighborhood can remain asleep).



The LIGHT-PAINTER’S ANTI-THEFT ALARM is a central hub, allowing you to lock all of your valuables to it. Built into the alarm is an onmi-directional mercury tip-over switch. If the alarm is disturbed, a very bright strobe light begins to flash, and a very loud (volume adjustable) mad blaster horn begins to sound. This means that you can work great distances from your valuable camera, tripod and light tools, and be confident they will still be there when you return. Many people prefer to listen to music via earphones while light-painting, but some earphones block outside noise like a pair of ear plugs. To help in the event of an inaudible alarm there is a bright strobe light. This is sure to grab your attention, so feel free to crank up your music!

By utilizing locking-lid style totes you can safely store all of your light tools and padlock them shut. Simply cable-lock them to the alarm and your gear is secure. With a little DIY ingenuity you can create anchor points on your tripod, camera or any other gear to enable cable-locking to the alarm as well. If a thief wants something they have to take it all. Hauling away everything at once may be possible with enough people, but the alarm will alert you before they get anywhere!



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